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Owner, Sheila Tucker, has always had a love for hand-made quilts and wanted to learn how to quilt for years. A few years ago she was given some hand cross-stitch work of her grandmothers. At that time, her grandmother was 94 years old, and she wanted to have a quilt made using these priceless pieces for each of the 5 grandchildren.  


Sheila asked everyone if they knew someone who she could pay to do make these quilts for her, and with no avail she was not able to find anyone to take on the task.  About 7 years ago she was talking to a couple of quilting friends, they encouraged her to make the quilts herself. They guided her to the type of sewing machine she needed to buy and told her of a lady on YouTube who was an awesome quilting instructor. So, she did just that and fell in love with quilting. Since that time, she has made over 100 quilts. A year ago, she decided she wanted to open her own quilt shop and sell quilting fabrics, sewing machines, notions as well as providing quilting workshops and provide other quilting services. In early October of 2020 she had the opportunity to buy several bolts of fabric and store displays from a store that was closing after 17 years. She found the perfect location for the shop in Hiawassee, GA.  The shop has grown and currently has an inventory of over 5,000 bolts of fabric and one of the largest collection of Batiks and Aboriginal Art in the state and we continue to add to our inventory both in the shop and on our website, be sure to drop by daily to see what's new. 

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Tel: (706) 896-3848

586 Bell Creek Road
Hiawassee, GA 30546


Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday  10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday - Closed
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